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About the Engineer

Adam began his musical journey at the age of 9, writing and recording Hip-Hop music at home with his older brother Siddiq. Together they learned how to produce beats which Adam would record over using a 4-track tape recorder and a hand held microphone.

Over the years, his love for music creation grew, and with the aid of advancements in digital recording in the early 2000s, he took to producing and recording with friends and local talent in and around his hometown. It wasn't long before Adam's talents were noticed, and soon he would be inundated with people wanting to come to record in his home studio.

This new found demand for Adam's services would eventually lead to the opening of 'Yard26 Recordings', a commercial studio catering for Urban acts. During his time at Yard26, Adam recorded, mixed and mastered thousands of songs for local rappers, singers and producers, many of which were aired on radio and TV.

About The Service

Following the local success of 'Yard26 Recordings', my aim for this service is to bring the same elements which led to the popularity of Yard26 to the world. In this day and age, particularly in Urban genres, home and project studios have become the norm and for independent artists on small budgets they make perfect sense - you get to record your music in the comfort of your own space without the restrictions of costly studio time and more often than not, an engineer who may not understand your vision. Where this way of working often falls down is in the mixing and mastering stage. If you are an artist recording yourself, or you have a friend helping out, you may not have the time, patience or skills to take your song to the next level. This is where my service comes in - simply send over your files and have your songs mixed to an industry standard level by a knowledgeable and experienced engineer who understands your genre and has the skills to take your music from rough to ready.


I provide a professional mixing service to all urban genres, including Hip-Hop, RnB, Reggae, Dancehall, Afrobeat and more.

The process is very simple - send your stems over to me, and have your songs mixed to a professional standard and returned to you within 3-5 days. You only pay for the mix if you are completely happy with the results. Read more about how my service works here.


Whether you have your songs mixed by me or not, I offer a professional mastering service for Hip-Hop & Urban genres.

Simply send me your mixdown as a WAV or AIFF file, and receive your master within 2-3 days. This is not an automated or algorithm based system, I use my ears and experience to achieve the best result for your songs.

Read more about my services here.

Online Mixing Servie

Why Choose Adam Lewis?


It is crucial for an engineer to have a deep knowledge and understanding of your genre. Not only in terms of how it is supposed to sound, but also the history and cultural relevance of it. Having been involved in Hip-Hop and the arts for over 20 years, I feel this better equips me to make the hundreds of important decisions necessary when working with your music.


It's not enough for me to just balance the elements of your song, smooth things out and send it back to you. Rather, it is my job to use my taste and experience to add something - some spice, some flavour, some feeling. Whether this is achieved through creative effects such as echos or filters. Or by cutting, chopping and rearranging elements in the song, I will do what's necessary to create the best possible version of your song.

Attention To Detail

I feel the mixing process is a combination of technical know-how, creative flare and taste. Taking care of the details is essential for all of these elements to come together. Every part of your song will be honed in on, allowing me to iron out any creases and add touches of creativity to bring life and vibe where it may be lacking.


I take advantage of modern DAW and plug-in technology in order to minimise the costs of music creation. This saving can then be passed onto you. We live in a time where "in the box" mixes using software and plug-ins can compete with much more expensive hardware options. When you have a mix done by me, you are only paying for my time - my experience, taste and knowledge, not for expensive hardware or for the overheads of a huge studio facility. This means I am able to price my services very competitively while still producing great results. 

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