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Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.
Please get in touch if you have any other questions!

How do I prepare my files?

To prepare a song for mixing, you will need to bounce out all of the tracks within your project, all starting from the same point. Bounce to WAV or AIFF, 16 or 24bit. For vocal tracks - make sure you have taken off all plug-ins and effects before bouncing - the vocal files you send me should be completely raw with no processing. If I am mixing your instrumental, leave your channel plug-ins and effects on, as these usually shape the sound of your beat. Be sure to take off any master bus/stereo output plug-ins before bouncing.

For mastering, you will need to bounce/export a mixdown of your full song in WAV or AIFF (16 or 24bit). Be sure to take off any stereo bus/master bus plug-ins prior to bouncing.

IMPORTANT: Ensure there is no clipping on any of your tracks before bouncing. Your meters should not be in the red, as this can result in nasty digital distortion. If you notice any clipping/red on your meters, please turn your channels down and check again.

How do I send my files?

It is best practice to put all of the files for a particular song into the same folder, labelled with the song name. Include the tempo of the song in the folder name if known.

Once you have your files in a folder, you will need to ZIP this folder (Compress/Archive). You can then send this ZIP via DropBox, WeTransfer or any other large file sending service.

What is the turnaround time?

Usual turn around time is 3-5 working days for a mix or master. If for any reason there will be a longer wait I will inform you of this once your mix/master is submitted. If you send multiple mixes/masters at once, there may be a longer wait. In this case I will be able to advise you on an estimated turn around time once I have received all of your files.

What will I get back?

Once my work is done, I will send an MP3 preview of the full song for you to listen to. At this point you can make any suggestions or propose changes to the mix or master. I will then get to work right away on the next revision of your song and send over another MP3. Once you give the go-ahead for a revision, I will send a PayPal invoice for the agreed amount. Once this is paid I will send you a 16bit WAV  and a 320kbps MP3 final version.

What about instrumentals, acapellas & radio edits

Instrumentals & acapellas are included with all mix packages and will be provided upon request. Performance/TV versions and radio edits will incur extra small charges. Please see my Pricing page for more information.

Can I request changes?

After you receive the draft MP3 of your mix/master, you are welcome to suggest changes and alterations. Up to 5 revisions will be completely free and included in the price of the mix/master. If more than 5 revisions are required, a small charge may be incurred. I will advise you on how much this may be, depending on the time needed to carry out the new revisions.

Alteration requests after approval and payment will incur some costs.

How long will you keep hold of my files?

I will keep your raw files for 12 months unless requested to delete them. The reason for keeping your files for this time is simply for re-call, meaning you have the opportunity to request changes or different versions for up to 12 months after receiving your final mixes/masters.

You have the right to request that I delete your files, and I will do this. This will mean the song cannot be recalled and will have to be re-sent and mixed again if you require any changes or alternative bounces (all at standard costs).

How do I pay?

Once you are 100% happy with your mix/master, I will send a PayPal invoice over for you to pay with. You don't need to have a PayPal account in order to pay by PayPal, you can also use a debit or credit card.

If you prefer to pay via bank transfer, this can also be arranged.

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